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Originally Posted by Momma2theJs
Apparently I've become very adept at pissing everyone off! Do you think it's unreasonable to ask everyone to just wait a few days to flood my house as soon as the baby comes? I INVITED everyone to come to the hospital if they want to meet him right away. (He isn't here yet, I just posted a facebook update. A funny, lighthearted, one.) It said something to the effect of,

"Just so everyone knows... I totally love hospital visitors, but I don't totally love crash-the-house-as-soon-as-we-get-home visitors....and I don't love sick or sniffly visitors at all. So if you're healthy and you want to visit us at the hospital when Jase comes, feel free! If you're healthy and you want to come once we get prepared to see dirty laundry, Tide, lots of the washer and dryer, and be made to baby involved...take your pick. "

I find NOTHING wrong with taking a few days to allow my family to adjust to a major change before we open up the house for floods of people that only come around when something exciting happens. Am I out of line and my hormones are just blocking my rational thoughts from seeing it? Ugh!!
You're the boss, mama! Our hospital isn't allowing visitors except immediate family so that solves that ha home may be a different story. I don't know what I'll want but I have no problem telling people no.
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