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Re: Negative blood types

Originally Posted by RainandRedemption View Post
My main question was how to know whether this baby is affected... if there are any symptoms I should look out for, and whether I should consider homebirth to be a safe option at this point. I didn't really clearly say that, but that's what I was trying to search for and couldnt find, so I asked here.

Thanks to the PPer who mentioned the blood test to check antibodies and babys blood type. That's what I was looking for and what I was asking.
I am not sure if it would effect a homebirth or not but my dd got really sick after she was born ,she was koombs+ and became extremely jaundiced. She had to stay in NICU a few days,I was told the koombs was related to the rh negativity. I don't know much about koombs(maybe someone can chime in) but even if it doesn't effect the birth (it didn't effect my birth) you may want to find a pediatrician to follow the baby right after the birth if you do decide to do a homebirth. There is a blood test they can do after the baby is born to see if they are koombs - or +.
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