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Re: Ds in 9% weight ...what now?

If your child seems to be happy, healthy, and developing, I wouldn't worry. I have a family member who is a Pediatrician and she says she hates the charts because all kids grow differently, and some will stop gaining for a period of time as they grow in height. My ds1 was always small, he was 19 lbs at 1 year. At 5 years he is 30 lbs. He is very skinny, but eats constantly, has a TON of energy and is tall. He has to wear skinny jeans because those are the only ones that he fits into, waist wise. My ds2 is the opposite. He was 20 lbs at 5 months old, and at 2 years old he is also 30 lbs. He hasn't gained any weight for awhile now but he has been getting taller and developing right on time in every thing else. I haven't had a Doctor be worried about either of them. And I probably wouldn't do the tests at this point if it were me, not based on just a chart.
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