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SOLD please delete

ETA: Will trade for similar value in knit fabrics. For example, if you have some assorted knit fabrics that value approx $30-$35 or so, I would be willing to consider that in trade.

We are a smoke free home but I do have a dog that DD is constantly on the floor playing with. While all items have been washed, fleece and hair/lint are magnets. I will use a lint roller on each item before it leaves the house but extend my sincerest apology if you receive an item with a piece of hair/lint stuck to it, I think it's a constant battle with fleece! These were all made for my daughter, however, several pairs could certainly be used for boys. I'm not ISO of anything unless you have any LARGE Ecoposh trainers.

Sizing for the Julesbulia items: Strangely, despite some being medium and some being large, they have the exact same waist and rise measurements. The inseams do vary so I will note those with each photo. I'd like to also mention that while the measurements are the same for the Medium and Large Julesbulia, the fit is different. My DD wore her Mediums from about 15 months until 30 months (as capris) and she wore the Large from about 24 months and they still fit her at 3.5 yrs old and 36 lbs but they're all too short for her.
The measurements for all the Julesbulia are:
Waist (18-20")
Rise (18")

(SOLD)Julesbulia Brown with Pink Ruffle - Size Medium - inseam 9" $12ppd

(SOLD) Julesbulia Turquoise and Magenta Monster Booty - Size Large - inseam 11" $14ppd

(SOLD)Cottontail Babies Monkey $10ppd
Waist (18-20")
Rise 19" but there's a sling/soaker inside so IMO these fit a shorter rise than 19", more like a 17-18" rise!
Inseam 9"

(SOLD)Cottontail Babies - Owls - Size Large $10ppd
Waist (18-20")
Rise 19" but there's a sling/soaker inside so IMO these fit a shorter rise than 19", more like a 17-18" rise!
Inseam 9"
These ripped at the seam. I did a quick mend on my sewing machine at the time.

(SOLD)Cloth Diaper Snob tee shirt by Bee Ewe Threads - Size 2T Koko Bean Organic Cotton tee $8ppd

(SOLD) Julesbulia Go, Diego, Go with baby jaguar - Size Large - inseam 12.5" $14ppd

(SOLD) Julesbulia Seaside/Ocean Theme - Size Large - inseam 12" $14ppd

(SOLD)Julesbulia Sushi - Size Large - inseam 11" $14ppd
Size 2T Cherokee (Walmart) shirt included for no extra charge b/c it's terribly grungy!

(SOLD) Julesbulia Momma and Baby Dinosaur - Size Large - inseam 12" $14ppd

(SOLD)Julesbulia Pink and Orange with brown back pockets - Size Large - inseam 11" $12ppd

(SOLD)Julesbulia Cooking/Chef Theme - Size Medium - inseam 10" $12ppd

(SOLD)Julesbulia Pink and Orange Monster Booty - Size Medium - inseam 10" $12ppd

(SOLD) Julesbulia Gumby - Size Medium - inseam 10" $12ppd

(SOLD) Julesbulia Skull soaker - Size Large $9ppd

(SOLD)Julesbulia Sanddollar soaker - Size Large $9ppd
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