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Re: Negative blood types

Originally Posted by bdhutier View Post
I am not sure if it would effect a homebirth or not but my dd got really sick after she was born ,she was koombs+ and became extremely jaundiced. She had to stay in NICU a few days,I was told the koombs was related to the rh negativity. I don't know much about koombs(maybe someone can chime in) but even if it doesn't effect the birth (it didn't effect my birth) you may want to find a pediatrician to follow the baby right after the birth if you do decide to do a homebirth. There is a blood test they can do after the baby is born to see if they are koombs - or +.
Thank you.

Ideally I want a homebirth but the only CNM Im able to find who does homebirths has only been out of school for 3 years. We had dd at home but our midwife had SO many years of experience I really just trusted her. I'm reading as much as I can to try and figure out how to KNOW if this midwife would respond well to an emergency, and the more I read the more I'm thinking I don't trust a homebirth this time around. Not with someone with 3 years experience... you know? There are so many things that don't come from an inner gift or from intuition and I just don't want to be someone with a problem thats not caught.

So I'm starting to think we will go to the birthing center here after all. They work really closely with an OB and have a lot of equipment and technology in their office, and of course many years of experience.

That's more of a rant than a response. But thank you for another thing to consider in this.
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