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Originally Posted by MommyTephanie
Wow, I didn't think I had said anything way off. My opinion is just that- my opinion. I think that once a baby is 2 then they have attached emotionally to the breast to the point where it is tougher to wean them. I believe that my opinion is valid, whether it mirrors others' or not.

I did not realize, though, that it's recommended to nurse up to age 2- my pediatrician advises to switch to whole at 1 year.
The WHO recommendations and the AAP recommendations are different. I haven't heard any good explanation for the reasoning behind the discrepancy. I have heard it suggested that the recomendation for up to 2 years is especially beneficial in undeveloped nations where water/nutrition is sparse and a extended breastfeeding can have a protective element against common diseases. ::shrug::

I nursed by DS until he was 30 months when my milk dried up during pregnancy. He was sad to be done. My dd nursed until 15 months when I weaned her (cold turkey) for medical reasons. She was really REALLY sad about it. I still miss her being able to nurse and wish there was a way I could make it work. But we make up for it with lots of extra snuggles. :-)
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