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18 mo. spacing and any truth to increasing chance for gender?

I am trying to decide whether to start trying to have another now (18 months apart) or wait until 2.5 years apart. Lot of thing to consider and in the big scheme of things it doesn't matter and will happen how it's supposed to anyway. However I am curious as to people's thoughts on the subject--- I have two boys 25 months apart.

Also curious as to if anyone has tried to follow the "rules" for trying to concieve a boy/girl. I have heard of different theories over the years and wouldn't mind hear some thoughts on them. Of course a healthy baby is most important, no doubt about that--- so no rude comments please.

Mom to an ornery one born 12/16/04, my second cutie born 1/23/07. And beautiful boy #3 born 6/22/09 Expecting a GIRL Sept 1st!!!

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