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Originally Posted by MommyTephanie
Wow, I didn't think I had said anything way off. My opinion is just that- my opinion. I think that once a baby is 2 then they have attached emotionally to the breast to the point where it is tougher to wean them. I believe that my opinion is valid, whether it mirrors others' or not.

I did not realize, though, that it's recommended to nurse up to age 2- my pediatrician advises to switch to whole at 1 year.
Actually, that's not what happens. Most nurslings gradually go longer and longer between nursing sessions the older they get. Most moms that breastfeed past age 2 practice self weaning, and you never "wean them," they wean themselves. And it happpens in a very gradual, natural process. With my 3yo, up until 18 months he nursed 12+ times a day. 18m-2.5, 8+ times a day. Now at 3y3m, 4x a day on average. Sometimes on a busy day it may be 2-3 times. Sometime over the next year it will likely fade out to once a day, until one day I realize, he's weaned! I'm in no rush.

Btw, most peds know little to nothing about breastfeeding, and many share the same views as yours. If a mom chooses to wean at a year, awesome, that mama nursed for a whole year. But there are definitely a huge number of benefits to both mom and baby to continue nursing, and to continue as long as they wish. The benefits never stop no matter the age of the nursling.
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