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Re: s/o Do you plan to buy your child's first cars?

Assuming we can afford it, yes. A good-quality, safe, used car that would be theirs in everything but the title, which would be transferred over upon college graduation.

My parents gave me a pretty great quality car when I got my permit at 15. My dad had been meaning to get himself a truck for awhile, and when they calculated it out, it was just easiest to give me his 3 year old car that was paid off. She's pretty old and beat up now, but I swear, this car will never die!

I noticed in the college thread that a lot of people plan to save for things like weddings or down payments on houses instead of college or cars. I guess I'm the opposite. I don't find weddings to be all that important, if my kids want a huge one, they can save for it themselves. Ditto with a down payment. People don't typically own homes until they're a little older and established in their careers. The way I see it, the car and college education can get them to the place where they can pay for their own weddings and homes
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