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Re: When to wean

My first DD would only nurse until 6 months (up to 10 months just in the morning) and then I got sick of fighting her. I gave her a bottle and it was love at first sight for her! LOL She now 11 and still isn't a close, snuggly kid. She likes her own space.

My second DD nursed until about a week shy of her 5th birthday!!!!! I know, I know. It seems really weird/gross!! But all I can say is when I was nursing her she seemed so little still. It was like my mind tricked me into seeing her as a baby again while nursing. I can't explain it, but it would freak me out to see someone nursing a 4-5 yr old, but with my own, not so much! LOL

My DS was adopted by us at birth. My intention was to bottle feed from the start as I had supply issues with my girls and nursing as infants was a huge stress. But then I started second guessing myself and didn't want to have any regrets, so I had a Lact-Aid Nursing Supplementer on hand, just in case I wanted to try with him. He was a PRO nurser right out of the gate!! And there was no stress because I could see how much formula was coming out of the Lact-Aid baggy. It really was the best of both worlds. Once I knew I would be nursing him I went on Domperidone and my milk came back, but I still gave him bottles here and there from 4 months on. He is now 2 yrs and 3 months and I dread having to wean him!!! I don't see him weaning himself, but come on! The kid is a huge 2 yr old (38 lbs and tall! LOL)

My absolute favorite nursing partner is a toddler. It's just so worry free.
Well if you read my novel to the end, kudos to you
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