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Re: January TTC #1 -No Children Mentioned-

Originally Posted by TwistedBranches View Post
I think I am about to O just based on EWCM. But this past cycle was strange. (see below) I've been lurking because of it and what happened...

Basically, I was late for AF... She should have come on Dec 28th. In the craziness of the holidays, I actually forgot. When new years came around, and AF didn't come, I tested. And... there it was. A faint pink line next to the dark pink line. I figured it was a fluke, so I tested again. Another positive. (by this time I am going crazy wondering how this is possible!) The two tests I used were EGENS and another cheapie, so I got a FRER. Positive.

I was a happy sobbing mess! DH was in disbelief. It was a one in a million shot. One of his tubes must have fixed itself!

One day later, I awoke to horrible cramps. I miscarried. It was a chemical pregnancy.

So, that's kind of why I haven't been talkative. I was so excited to post the positive tests, but it breaks my heart to look at them right now. I took more to confirm I was miscarrying, and watched the line fade away.

If I had never tested, I would not have known. But since I do know, it's been hard.

I hope we all get BFP's soon, although I will be terrified when and if I do...

DH is going in to get a count done. Who knows... We may not have to spend money on IVF or reversal.

But, I just wanted to say in the meantime, if I'm not talkative... I'm still recovering.

I'm so sorry
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