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Re: Drinking while breastfeeding?

Originally Posted by MommyZ of 2 View Post
I wouldn't say it's safer than formula feeding, because handling your baby while drunk is a risk in itself, either way you choose to feed. But for the sake of the alcohol only, getting your baby drunk is extremely unlikely through breastmilk. If you got drunk with a bottle of wine (the whole bottle) and had a BAC of roughly .2 (4-5 drinks for a 120lb female) that means that 2 tenths of a percent of your blood and breastmilk is alcohol. You would basically be giving your baby a drink of milk with the same amount, but probably less, alcohol than a non-alcoholic beer. Pair that with the fact that your baby will probably only take 2-4oz of breastmilk during that middle of the night feeding, it's not a whole lot, and certainly not enough to get baby drunk. Putting a couple drops of 80 proof liquor, at 40% alcohol, on your baby's gums to ease teething would probably put more alcohol into their system than bf'ing while drunk. Not that I condone these things, but just saying... It's unlikely to cause any problems.
THANK YOU for doing the math! Geez, people act like you're giving baby a keg stand with one to two drinks! Science people! Yes, we do know more about this than you think.

Judgey judge! Also, I drank a little bit in the third trimester. My midwife recommended half a glass of wine to calm nonproductive contractions for the night so I can get some sleep.
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