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I thought I replied to this yesterday, but maybe the interwebs ate it. Anyway, I totally understand it feeling more off going from big babies to small babies. DS1 was a tank. Always in the 75-90th percentiles. Along comes DS2. He was born at 36w5d at 6lbs11oz and we assumed he was going to be another big baby. Up to 6 months he was growing fairly well, but slowly dropping in percentile. From 6 months to 8.5 months, he gained 2 ounces and dropped to the 3rd percentile. He picked back up to 10th eventually, but he's back down to 5th again. It stressed me out for a while, but once I realized that he was meeting milestones just fine and eating well. I'm a little nervous for his weigh in next one because I think he might have actually lost weight.

FWIW, DS2 is now 23 months and is just starting to fit into the clothes DS1 wore at 12 months.

I'm glad to read your update that the blood work was fine.
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