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Re: s/o Do you plan to buy your child's first cars?

I will NOT buy my kids a car or give them an old one. (I would not allow a grandparent to do that either.)

I bought my first car when I was 19. (I didn't have a drivers license till I was 19.) I had no help. I paid a down payment and then payments. I paid for my own insurance. (The car payment and insurance were more than my Rent!)

He was 19 and in the Army (in training) so it was easier for his parents to purchase it. They took it to a mechanic and did all that. He didn't pay any interest to his parents. It was a $1000 or so vehicle and he paid it off in 3 payments. He had a license since he was 16. His parents only let him borrow a car as a teenager if he paid for the gas, chores done, etc. He *might* have borrowed the car once a month or so.

We both agree that if they want a car enough they will find a way to pay for it themselves. DH said he would "pay for it to be looked at by a mechanic" before it was purchased but the kid would have to buy it, the tags, and insurance.
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