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Re: What do I do with toys?

Originally Posted by SarasynFox View Post
My vote is to donate. It's often not worth it to go through the hassle of selling them. In my experience you don'y get much for toys and there are always tons in those shops, so they can be picky about what they accept.

Donating is quick, easy, and done. It gets everything out of the house and that's really more important than the money in most cases, at least for me. It's different with things I know I'll make enough money on to be worth it, but that's sadly not the majority of kids toys. Actually, I'd much rather give the toys to a charity like Salvation Army. When we lived in a shelter when our roof nearly caved in on the house we were renting my daughter went to the Salvation Army day care. They often sent the kids home with clothes, toys, shoes, and other things that kids need and want directly from the donations, all pulled before the stuff they put on the sale floors in their shops. Since then I've been giving my toys there whenever my kids outgrow them. It makes me feel good to know that the things I donate might just end up being gifted to a needy child instead of bought.
I had no idea. That's awesome. I typically donate to The Salvation Army anyways, but now I'll make sure they get all our old toys.
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