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Re: s/o Do you plan to buy your child's first cars?

My kids will have the same rules my parents gave with mine and yes we will provide their first cars. The cars will be ours old ones (or grandparents old one) though. We don't buy used cars unless we know the owner and history. We've been burned too many times and won't buy other people's problems any more. So they will get our older cars and we get new ones- hehe lucky us. And if they are nice and appreciative (and take car of the first) they will possibly get new (or better cars) for graduation- they will more than likely be used cars again just better. I got my mom's junker at 16 (I started working at 15) than at 18 I was given my grandpa's (yes I said grandpa's) much nicer sports car.

The rules- if used irresponsibly its gone for good (drinking and driving, chicken, using it like a toy. Things I wouldn't do to begin with and hopefully my kids won't either), no if and or buts. If school gets cut, its gone for good. Those were really my only 2 rules. I worked so I needed the car. My mom would not take it away for bad grades because I needed to get to work. I got grounded for bad grades- but I never had any. They also paid ins until I got too many speeding tickets and then I had to pay. Run of the mill speeding was not considered irresponsible in my family.
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