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Re: When to wean

I have let my children nurse as long as they wanted. My oldest only nurse for about four months and my youngest nursed for over a year. The new baby will be allowed to nurse for as long as he wants also. I feel that it is up to the child when they want to wean. However, I also feel that there comes a time when if the child is still nursing that it should not be while out an about. A friend of mine had a three year old that would just tell her that she wanted boob and she would just pop it out in the middle of the store. I did not judge the fact that she still nursed, whatever works for them, however out in public was a little different. Especially since she would not cover herself up either. But as for an appropriate age to wean, I feel that would be between the child, the mother and the rest of the immediate family. (Not that dad usually has much of a choice in the matter anyways, lol). Personally with the new baby I am hoping for over a year again so we do not have to buy formula, that would be great, especially with three boys.
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