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Re: The spanking debate.

Against. I teach my kids that hitting is not ok, so why would I turn around and hit them? I don't care how anyone wants to sugar coat it, but spanking is another word for hitting. No matter how hard or soft the touch, you still have to raise your hand and strike in order to spank.

I never understood how hitting a child will teach them to respect you. I don't spank my kids and they respect me just fine, probably even more. My kids have witnessed another child being spanked and they asked me why the parents did that. I told them that is how some people teach their kids how to behave. They said they are so glad we don't do that, they said it looks horrible.

How can we possibly get our kids to respect us and learn right from wrong and learn what dangerous situations are? We teach them. We model for them. We talk to them. We don't hit them.
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