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Re: Wool or Fleece?

I prefer fleece for the durability and the easy care. I realize that some people feel wool is easier than fleece b/c you only wash 1x/week, but with fleece I didn't have to add anything extra to my normal routine because I can put it into the regular laundry or the diaper laundry. I don't have to worry about it accidentally being ruined or shrunk. It's probably just a matter of perspective as to which is "easier".

My son is out of daytime diapers now, but when he was in diapers he wore fleece pretty much 100% of the times, with 2 wool wraps as back-up when the fleece was all dirty. PUL made him rashy, so it wasn't an option. He mainly wore fleece soakers or shorties/longies.

For full-time fleece, you'd conservatively need the same # of covers that you would need for full-time PUL. I found that my son's fleece could be aired out and re-used through the day, but I have read some people saying that they can only use it once or twice before it picks up an odor. It probably depends on how wet the diaper is underneath: if the diaper is soaked then some of the wetness has probably moved into the fleece.

So for a young infant EBF, probably 6 - 8 wraps. For baby starting on solids, maybe 4 - 5 wraps. By the time my son was two, 3 - 4 was plenty. Part of it depends on how often you're washing clothes, whether things pile up or you stay on top of them. If you are trifolding, then go for the higher #, if you are using snug fitteds then you could get by with the lower #. PFs...depends on whether or not you have a lot of problems with blow-outs :giggles:

One thing I found that worked well was to put dirty fleece by the washer so I could wash it with whatever was being washed. If I actually threw it into the laundry, I might not get to that particular load for a few days so things would "disappear" for longer than I planned.
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