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Re: How Long Are Your OB Visits?

My dr's office is usually really great about getting me in and out quickly. Usually I wait 5-10 minutes in the waiting room and then I'm done 10-20 minutes later. This last time I had the longest wait in the waiting room, but I still got in and out in less than 45 minutes because they made up for it because I almost immediately saw the dr, and that included checking my cervix.

Also, she has been to all but 1 of my appointments in 3 pregnancies (one she was out of town and I was 39 weeks so I needed to be seen and new ahead of time) and delivered both of my babies so far, and hopefully will this one, too. At the practice I went to for my first I saw 5 different drs and then had a completely different dr deliver her. He was great, but I would have like to meet him once first. Luckily we moved and I found a much better practice.
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