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Re: How Long Are Your OB Visits?

I don't think I ever waited more than 20 minutes at my OB's office and if she was called out for a birth they would slot me in with another Dr. (6 in the same practice) and the wait wasn't much longer. I had over an hour drive to get to the office, so it was worth it for me to see another Dr. and it only happened 3 times over 2 pregnancies.

My OB didn't actually deliver either of my children, she was in the room for the first but it is a teaching hospital so the intern did it, 2nd was at night and you get whatever Dr. is on call. So, to me it doesn't really matter which OB sees me, all they did was listen for the HB, measure my belly and ask if I had any questions - the nurses did the weigh in, BP etc.
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