Thread: Wool or Fleece?
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Re: Wool or Fleece?

I love how easy fleece is. I don't have to do anything special and can just toss the covers in with regular laundry or diapers. I own some wool too and like it but I don't like having to do the separate extra stuff and then usually end up with wool that needs washed/lanolized and it sits because with 3 kids, I need easy. I had to spend 45 minutes one day scrubbing mud and picking leaves and twigs out of a pair of wool knit shorties and they are still stained from the mud because I couldn't get it all out without felting them. I have also felted a few wool covers because DH accidently threw them in with the diapers. Fleece is also a LOT cheaper so I can have way more in our stash than wool.

I will say that with both wool and fleece they are only as good as the diaper need good absorbency for either to work.
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