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Re: Basically it's Wednesday

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Well, that's what I meant Janine, those were the German brands I could remember. European countries tend to stick to their own brands for appliances as much as they can, and default to German ones if they don't exist. Like When I was in Amsterdam, everything was Philips. In Europe it seems they don't generally sell the cheaper products from China like they do here. Not on the same scale anyway.

The US used to be that way, but now most of the "US" brands are made in China.

I swear this is not a huge political issue for me, I don't normally discuss it at all. Ian mentioned it because he is trying to understand geography, and it confuses him we are so close to Canada and it is not that hard for us to leave the US. So it's hard for him to grasp that most other countries are far away. And when he sees how far away China is, and he sees so many of his toys and stuff we buy are made in China, it implodes his brain. If it is so difficult for us as a family to go to Europe, why is it easy for all the stuff to be from China, that kind of thing.
Honestly my kids never ever think about that stuff. They play with their stuff and never even wonder where it came from.
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