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Originally Posted by MommaTooters View Post
Glad to see this thread! Getting ready to order some Best Bottoms and GMD Workhorses.

How many inserts do y'all use per diaper? Which ones are your favorite? My little girl will be here any day now...actually today is my due date!
Hi Mama,

FYI, I've heard and seen pics that Best Bottoms don't work with skinny newborns. Also AI2 systems don't really work for newborns. With all that poo its going to often get on the cover and it will need to be washed. That being said, having them around for small size sounds like a good idea.

Softbums is an OS Ai2 system that does often fit newborn (other one I am going to try), but same issue with newborn you will be using it more like a pocket or AIO, washing cover everytime, but eventually it'll reap the benefits of a ai2 system.

I have one softbum cover, plan to use it over snappied prefolds for newborn and infant size. Sometime in infant size I will get the pods and checkout whether or not I like as our primary Ai2 system. also hope to pick up a BB cover and try that one as well. After babe grows out of infant sized prefolds I will want to switch to a Ai2 system for at least primary stash. That worked well for us with DS.

Good Luck!
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