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Re: Drinking while breastfeeding?

Originally Posted by elizabeth.scalf View Post
Here are my thoughts. Drinking while pregnant- first and second trimester, no. Third- yes- one beer or small pour of wine consumed slowly. Drinking while BFing- yes, one or two beers, a glass of wine. Try to time it so that baby doesn't eat for a few hours. In my book, the biggest risk while drinking is not BFing but rather co- sleeping. I absolutely will not sleep with my baby if I'd had more than one beer in the last two hours. I sleep on the couch and come into the room to nurse. Even after the alcohol leaves my bloodstream I still feel groggy through the night.
Yah, this is a really good point. If I am going to have a glass of wine I time it so that its at least six hours before bed, and I drink a lot of water in the meantime. Cosleeping is not something I'm willing to screw around with. Especially when baby is a noob.
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