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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Jan 16-31)

Susan-wow you are next to have a baby here!!! I remember when you got your BFP last year.

Trace-sounds like a good appointment. I do hope you make it past 37w.

Carly-yay for a girl! I love having one of each and my son is sooooo sweet with his little sister.

Andrea-(((((Hugs))))) I doubt anyone can predict what adding a child does to your family but I do know a lot depends on the kids you already have and the baby's temperament. For me going from 1 to 2 was awful but then again DD was as high needs as they come, screamed whenever I attempted to put her down and didn't sleep and DS had just turned 2 so was a baby himself. It sounds like especially your DD doesn't do well with change so I think I would try to find things to make it easier on her. How is the newbie doing? Are you getting any sleep? Sleep is such a key to feeling well and you probably are not getting much if your 2 others are home. Any way to get a mother's helper for a few hours a week? I love my mother's helper though she is now turning 16 so old enough to be a regular sitter (and I probably need to pay her more then!). She started when she was 13 so has been with us for almost 3 years now. She plays with the kids and I can catch up on housework or sleep.

AFM Had my level 2 u/s today and while baby is healthy I have a placenta praevia marginalis (the edge of the placenta touches the cervix and there are some placenta vessels over the cervix). Basically I'm on restricted activity-no lifting/carrying at all and we pray it moves or it will have to be an automatic c/s. So let's hope it does just that because after 2 speedy vaginal deliveries I don't really want a c/s. Baby is transverse right now but I refuse to worry about this at 21w. (he flops around all the time and I can feel him doing that) Still very much a boy and I am slowly buying all the summery stuff I need for him. Still need to check if we can get a carseat base for our still good carseat (that can be used with no base too). And we found out that even though DH is changing companies we get to keep our 7 seater company van! YAY for that because it's so nice to go on outings etc and be able to easily take my parents along. Our builders have assured me that they will be ready late April. Not holding my breath on it but it sure would be nice to have the room and be able to get everything ready before baby comes. No biggie if not because baby will sleep with me anyway at first.
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