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baby died at 7 weeks, delivered at 10 1/2 weeks :/

(Update down below)

Im really questioning alot here.
had 2 heavy bleeds w clots. cervix short and I had some lessoning of symptoms but now I have major nausea again, shortness of breathe and tired. boobs still sore yet no longer constipated.
so I am wondering if im going to have symptoms till I pass baby or perhaps I am indeed still pregnant and maybe I just need more time to see a heartbeat. I was only off by 3 days. went in at 7 weeks and 3 days and baby measured 7 weeks- no heartbeat. no bleeding.

if I indeed lost baby, then I want to get on with the miscarriage so I dont feel ill anymore. i planned to take herbs but also know if i do it before the tissue starts to pull away naturally, I will just bleed and possibly hemmorage. nor will i take herbs if there is a chance baby is alive.
I will probably get another ultrasound out of town, so im sure i will get more info. but it may be a day or 2... I have been sick for over 40 days now and I am just ready to feel normal and better.

of course I know of moms who were told baby died, and it wasn't and there are a bunch of stories online too. BUT maybe I am just being hopeful

any of you have a + even after a miscarriage or you didnt pass tissue? this is driving me nuts!!

update: page 3. baby indeed died and I am waiting to miscarry.

Update again: its been 3 weeks and still havent passed baby. im more than irritated its taking so long but am not doing a d&c. my tests are blazing + yet too, which I guess would explain the on and off nausea

1/30/13 took angelica root today and it worked. bleeding started at noonish. water broke @9:45, tissue passed 15 minutes later. i had a blazing + test yet today i think cause the tissue kept growing but if i can see fetus (not sure) its disolved some and shrunk. glad its ending now.

Feb 1: had a full on labor for 4 hrs w contrx 2-3 min apart, I hemmorhaged and passed a huge very healthy piece of tissue that was 10 weeks gestation. (5x6inches) bleeding slowed right after but still medium w clots. recovering from this all

Feb 3: major headache, sweats and down 2 lbs due to drop in hormones. very pale but more energy and less tired in general. medium flow. colostrum easily expressed.

Feb 5: syrupy blood again, smells icky. had some sharp pains come and go near ovary, by noon was bleeding heavy w clots and passed more tissue that looked like placenta (thick/dense with white tiny vein like lines thru and dark) not a clot for sure. bright red blood all day but tapered after. next day NO blood.

Feb 10: light + preg test. still spotting on an off.

Feb 16: feeling like I am going to O yet still spotting on and off and have a faint + preg test yet. read you can O if hcg is under 20 and I believe I am at around 12 since test is light but noticeable.
I feel no sickness and i have energy and am eating normal again. so nice to not feel like I have the flu all day but I also have baby fever.

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