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My experience so far:

My dd is 16 months and I have somewhat started the process because I am tired of pumping for her at work. I can't get much out, she doesn't take much from a bottle, and it is frustrating and time consuming. I don't have a freezer stash either.

So she nurses as much as she wants when we are together, but goes 4-6 hour stretches without breastmilk when we are apart. She eats solids during that time and seems to be doing just fine with it. She reacts to cow and goat milk (and many other foods), so I don't have a good milk substitute really. Just food with protein and water or juice. IMO non-animal milks are not really comparable in nutrients. But bm still supplies a lot of her calories.

I am also not as "on-demand" as I was when she is younger. I will ask her to wait for a bit if needed to finish shopping or whatever and that works fine. She understands, "Not now, we will have milk when we get home," or "first _______ , then milk." I offer a substitute if I think she is hungry or thirsty.

She still loves to nurse and I love nursing her so I plan to continue some nursing for quite a while- as long as it works for both of us.

I would like to night-wean her sometime soon but it would take a lot of effort and I haven't been ready to tackle that one yet. She has a very strong nurse/sleep association. I kind of like that she can make up for being away during the day with on-demand night nursing. Helps us both sleep more too!

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