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Re: for those w miscarriage after 7 weeks

Originally Posted by cdeweese View Post
Don't do anything yet! I had heavy bleeding and clots off and until 10 weeks (didn't see a heartbeat until 8 1/2). Baby measured small and everything. I'm now 24 weeks with a healthy perfectly average-sized baby
see thats what Im worried about.
did you see a yolk sac? i have a full on placenta and a small yolk sac seen on screen but dr says none and the fluid inside was low BUT I was having contractions when they scanned me so naturally it would appear smaller. now I did not see any movement in baby and when they did the blood flow for 1 second I didnt see anything near baby. the lady would not even try for a heartbeat but I clearly did not see a heart beating. cervix long and shut. no bleeding on scan. and honestly 3 days off is not a biggie to me. babies grow at all different rates.

I am not familiar w really early ultrasounds and although I showed signs of impending miscarriage, I am literally doing nothing now. the only thing that would make me think I was still about to have it is my cervix went from a tight skinny tube to half the length and tip is fat and squishy w it opened a bit. but again no contractions, still super ill and feeling pregnant.
so mama, please tell me what you saw at your 8 1/2 weeks US.
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