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Originally Posted by elioraimmanuel
A bra at age 8 is a sign of Central Precocious Puberty. She needs her growth plates X-ray'd. CPP = early menses. Early Menses = smaller stature and early peak fertility. Early peak fertility = early menopause.

Cut out all grocery store meats and milk. We buy only grass fed meats and Raw Milk. Go as organic as is possible. Get rid of all BPA plastics.

Cut Out ALL SOY!

I took my DD to a Natriopath to get her body detoxed. The Pediatric Endocrinologist had put our DD on pediatric Depo shots, which sent her into hormonal hell! He told me we would make it to 9 before menses. We made it to 11.5 with the Natriopath! DD is about 3 inches shorter than she should be.
It isnt. PP is breast buds/menses prior to age 8.

8 is considered within the realm of normal.

My daughter had Pp (pubic hair at 6, buds at 7) we did nothing. She does have pcos but PP is common in girls with pcos.

Plus with kids being slightly overweight these days it is hard to tell if they are breast buds or just fat.

At 8 Inwould buy a bra and move on. Periods usually start 2 years after breast buds and 10 is normal range for menses.
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