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Originally Posted by joeslittlewoman

Is it? I thought you had to put it in 15 min before and leave it in for hours? What if a couple hours later you want to go at it again, can you just go after it? Does it affect sensation for either of you? How is it mess-wise? I hadn't seriously considered a diaphragm because it sounded really inconvenient, but maybe I'll take another look.
You can actually put it in up to a couple hours prior, I believe, if you use a spermicide. I actually don't use the spermicide, just the diaphragm itself, but if you do use the spermicide you can put it in in advance (it's supposedly more effective with the spermicide, similar efficacy to a condom, and the spermicide is similar texture wise to ky jelly.) When I'm not pregnant I put my diaphragm in nightly, just in case Then I just leave it in all night and remove it in the morning. It doesn't affect sensation at all, and neither hubby or I can feel it when it's in. Mess wise I'm not sure because I don't use the spermicide, though I'm guessing it would be similar to a condom??? If I remember correctly from when I first got it, the spermicide goes into the cup facing your cervix, and a little around the rim. So in theory there shouldn't be any mess until after you remove it, and then I'm guessing it would be similar mess to any other time you might use a lubricant. After I had breast cancer it was one of our only options since we weren't done having kids yet and hormonals were out , so we decided to give it a go. It seemed old fashioned to me at the time, but now I love it
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