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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
The highlighted I have heard many times but when you add it up a lb of sweet potato is cheaper than a lb of chips. Water is cheaper than pop. carrots are cheaper than a box of cookies. Beans are cheaper and more filling than high fat meat or even chicken. Playing outside costs much less than sitting in front of a television or a video game.
Again, I think it's regional. A lb of sweet potato, especially now in the winter, is really expensive. But you can get a big bag of potato chips for a dollar. And it would also depend on the size of the family. Many times when I buy yams 1 yam is close to a lb, a lb is not that heavy at all. So for a family of almost 5 I normally buy 4-6 yams and usually pay well over $5. Carrots and bananas are 2 food items that are always cheap here, but if you were to want another fruit or veggie during the off season you're going to have to pay much more. Which is probably why many of my clients would eat canned fruits and veggies since their price stays the same and you can get it for a dollar store brand. Beans, yes I agree, but many parents don't know you can replace meat with beans. Water is cheap, yes I agree, we don't drink nor buy pop, but for some reason many parents feel that pop and juice are important drinks for a family.

When I "worked" for WIC I use to counsel moms on how to get more food for your money and it be healthy. But I truly think it went in one ear and out the other many times (since I'd see them at the grocery store, small town). I also had many people think that if they offered the fruits and veggies then it MUST be in season, but in reality it wasn't that is why many things would be $5 a lb instead of the $1.50 a few months previous.

ETA: And I heard a few Pediatricians say they no longer tell a parent their child is obese because many times they won't listen or already know by looking at them, they say their child is pre-diabetic.
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