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Unhappy Can't Have the Birth I Want

I am just so so sad. Though our new insurance told my husband before that they do cover home births, they now say that they don't. My midwife requires payment in full by thirty-six weeks and I just won't have the money, now or really in the future. Not that a hospital birth is more affordable, but they bill you after the services, can write off/ discount prices sharply, and can be paid in twenty dollar increments. I really don't want to have a hospital birth. None of my children were born in hospitals. I don't want a doctor or nurses trying to bully me into laboring in a bed, cutting an episiotomy, trying to bully me into any other unnecessary medical procedure for me or my baby, actually DOING unnecessary procedures on either of us, etc. I don't want a hospital to own my baby. I don't want to run the risk of getting illness from being in a germy hospital. I just don't want any part of a hospital birth. I haven't built a relationship with an OB, so I'm sure I'll have no advocate for my wants other than myself and maybe my hubby and doctors often disregard that anyway because they can. My husband is completely opposed to birthing unassisted. Other midwives are no more an option than the one I'm currently with, as again, not covered for home birth anyway. I don't really have a lot of options here.

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