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Originally Posted by joeslittlewoman
Just putting it in for the night sounds convenient. As for the mess, I was thinking as far as the normal ejaculate making it's way back out. Is it speedier because your cervix is blocked, or would you be "squiggier" (my word, lol) longer, because the you have to keep the diaphragm in so long. I like that neither can feel it. It looks so big in pictures I wasn't sure.
It's speedier with the ejaculate because the cervix is blocked- I get up to pee immediately after sex and it all goes in the toilet lol. It does look huge at first. When the dr showed it to me I was like you want me to put that where?!!! Lol. But you fold it to put it in, so it's not bad. I can literally put mine in in 2 seconds
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