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Re: KAL ~ January 2013

Originally Posted by Scaethach View Post
Oh and yes my feet are 7.25" at the widest point. An 8" circ would stretch them out to where they would not fit my feet. Average feet are around 8"-8.5", so an 8" circ is ok, but many many people can't use them because of hand cramping. 9" works for people with wider feet, if the posture of the needles is something you can handle.

I mostly DPN socks, but if I do handspun ones I will do them two at a time on magic loop. I can't say what's faster or slower really, because it depends on the pattern complexity. Stuff like Thelonious takes me a while because I end up having to highlight my progress or the constant kid interruptions will mess me up to no end.
I need to learn to ML or get the smaller ones. Making socks with dpns isn't going to happen
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