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Re: for those w miscarriage after 7 weeks

I SO know how hard it is to wait through that -- I waited over a month for my baby to pass during my last miscarriage. But I recommend waiting; I have read so many stories of mamas who went back to check at another u/s and the baby was FINE, even though she had been bleeding, etc.

I will also say that I did still have some preggo/sick feelings after my 2 miscarriages for a short while, until HCG levels went down more, but not very long until I started feeling better... how long since you had the bleed/clots?

This might be sensitive to ask, and I am sorry if it upsets you. If the u/s was only 3 days off, and baby died @ 7 weeks, were you able to see anything recognizable in your clotting? With my m/c's I identified the sac, in my 2nd (baby only measured 6 weeks) we also identified the baby when I passed him/her. It was different from the other clotting. That was how I knew.
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