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Originally Posted by homebirthmom View Post
1. see if you can find a doula who will support you doing a unassisted birth. most are trained as labor assistants and can perform emergency help if need be.

2. ask the midwife to bill insurance after the birth and see if she will be ok with that. OR if she will take a chunk now and bill insurance. be honest with her, if she knows you really want a homebirth most midwives will make it happen at minimal cost. heck, many will do it for free if they know you are doing it for the right reasons. I have never turned away anyone because of money (but thats the way I did it)

3. look for another midwife that works on a sliding scale.

4. ask your family to help you pay for the birth.

5. take out a loan. I truly believe birth is not where you should skimp of decisions. if you feel you should be home, you should. I would not accept $100,000 to birth at a hospital but thats cause I feel safe at home.

6. DONT give up!!

message me if you need more info
This. I'd seriously find a way to fund it. She nay have a cash price. Fins out if your state insurance covers home birth if you qualify.
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