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Re: I don't want to undo what progress we've made, but. . .

Originally Posted by UVASahm View Post
Does he pee when you put him on the potty after he goes to bed? If he does most of the time, I would say he actually has to potty. If he doesn't then he is absolutely trying to stretch it out. Maybe switch up the routine? After the bottle, maybe read a story and then offer the potty.
So, the first night he did actually pee when I put him on the potty again after he had already been in bed. I was totally surprised.

The second night, not at all. That is why I instituted the before bed potty time, so he would have no excuse. I actually think he is a little young to understand that idea, but then at least I would know I covered all my bases.

But I think you are right about changing up the routine; we could stand to have a bit more time between bottle and potty.

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