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Re: Can't Have the Birth I Want


My Medicaid covered homebirth with my son. With Medicaid, I did not have to pay anything up front.

Look into birth centers. Many have relationships with insurance companies that allow them to bill just like an OB office would, and some offer homebirth if they have no clients in labor at the moment.

I also agree with PP. I would take out a loan, put it on a credit card, ask family for help.... I feel strongly about not giving birth in a hospital, and I realize not everyone will agree, but I think if there's ever a good reason to take on debt, it is for major life changing things like this. Things you can never redo, never take back, things you will remember forever. It's not like going into debt to get a Ferrari, or to buy jewelry, or to have a shopping spree, or to buy a Dolce & Gabbana purse.... kwim?
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