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Re: Can't Have the Birth I Want

I just wanted to chime in with what Caz said. I've only had one baby (12/31/12) and it was at a local hospital. It is a small place with 3 birthing suites. Try a small local hospital in network, so it is covered, and see what their philosophy is. Literally, through out all my appointments in 9 months I never even saw the OB and just dealt with midwives- only after birth did I see a MD & it was actually to do a physical on DD. I was in labor for 36 hours after my water broke, and there was no pressure to do any procedures I didn't want. Their was some fetal monitoring but I was cool with that b/c of the duration of labor. Eventually I asked for an epidural and oxytocin b/c I was in back labor, miserable, and I wasn't progressing enough in terms of dilation. I was in a nice private suite with a bath, shower, tV, fridge etc and my hubby stayed with me the whole time. It was a hospital- yes- but it was a positive experience with medical interventions that only I wanted. Baby stayed with me the whole time.

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