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Re: Can't Have the Birth I Want

Aw, Mama, I'm sorry I know the feeling.. with DD (when we were both pregnant together with our march 11 babies), I really wanted a birth center birth, did lots of reading and research, and then found out that our insurance wouldn't cover it. I was devastated. I ended up having the best hospital experience I could possibly have had (got the natural delivery I wanted), so for that I'm thankful. I was still bummed I didn't get to use the birth center though, and I'm so glad I get to this time.

That all being said, I bet it's even harder for you since you've only done home births. At the same time, you know you can do it and you have done it (naturally, that is), so you have that in your favor. If you have to use a hospital, just wait and wait and wait as long as possible before going.

And other mamas gave great advice before me about looking into still trying to get the homebirth you want, so hopefully you won't even have to have a hospital birth.
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