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Re: How to try to avoid ppd?

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
What about suggestions for those who don't want to eat their placenta in any form?

I am concerned about PPD but I won't eat my placenta, dried, smoothied, or otherwise.

Anything else that could help?

I plan to have more support this time around, accept more help, and take a longer period of rest. Hoping that will help.
I'm looking for any type of way to prevent it. If you get any other information please pass it my way.

Originally Posted by MyM&W View Post
I guess I'm the odd duck out. I encapsulated my placenta and I still got severe ppd.
I'm sorry. Did you try anything else?

Originally Posted by RainandRedemption View Post
Well this thread just convinced me to encapsulate my placenta this time around! I had no idea it helped ease depression, wow!

I have read that you can dry it on low heat in your oven too. If that's true I might do that. Don't really have the $ to spend on a dehydrator and I know my parents would NOT like to loan me theirs for this

I think dehydrators are about $150 for a cheaper one

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Haha, yeah I'm not sure anyone would let me borrow one if they had one either. They'd probably look at me like I'm insane.

Originally Posted by Ellasundies View Post
I had very bad PTSD after my second. It's possible I also had ppd they often go hand in hand. I had a homebirth with my third, in part to prevent ppd. I also saved my placenta in case I started getting ppd but I never encapsulated it because I never needed it. Just FYI you don't need a debydrator you can use your oven. The results aren't quite the same but it works.
I want the best possible outcome and if using a dehydrator is the best way then I would rather stick with that. I'm sure some people have used their ovens, but if it has to cook for a long time then that is a lot of our propane and we can't afford to use it all. I'm sorry you had such a rough time after your second child.
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