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Re: kombucha

Yes, I do. I got a SCOBY from my chiropractor last summer and have been making it since. Actually, I got two because I killed the first one trying to make it using Lipton tea bags... NOT a good idea. :/ I discovered that you must use *organic* tea because the chemicals and pesticides in Lipton and other brands will cause the SCOBY to mold.

As for "getting it right," sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I always start out with sweet tea made from purified water, *organic* black tea bags, and regular table sugar. It's about the only thing I use table sugar for anymore. Anyway, the length of time it takes to ferment is about 5-6 days in the summer and 8-9 days in the winter. I live in the Dallas area of Texas so it gets pretty hot in the summer. Just keep in mind that warmer temps cause faster fermentation. That's why sometimes Kombucha tastes more vinegar-y. It is not "bad;" it just has been allowed to ferment longer than your tastebuds prefer.
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