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Re: for those w miscarriage after 7 weeks

there was NO tissue. only blood/ I looked thru everything. had 3 other miscarriages and saw 1 baby with one and 1 sac with another. i know this one will have way more tissue and a obvious tiny fetus when i do miscarry.
and thats why I went in to the US. I thought ok I must be miscarrying but whats the hold up... then the dr saw everything sitting in there, all connected to my walls. and a super tiny fetus. looked like a bean. no legs or arms, just a head and tail.
the earliest I even had a scan was 8 weeks and some days and that baby had looked similar w limbs and a beating heart.
I DO NOT want to wait a month. I cannot stand being sick to begin with it, let alone only being sick cause I have a missed miscarriage. NO fricken way.
I have 5 kids to take care of and being this ill is making taking care of them near impossible, plus they dont know I was even pregnant nor will i tell them.

I will just go work out and see if that helps move things along if indeed I am to have this happen. i think its pointless to take herbs now if the contents inside are attached to me. taking herbs will contract me, but possibly not enough and could lead to stuck placenta and excessive bleeding. im super afraid to go to hospital for a d&c. gah, that terrifies me. i just hate hospitals.

so in the meantime, my days consist of eating what I can, trying to not pass out from the dizzies and taking unisom to try to not puke each day. well I puked yesterday anyway, just trying to take that pill.

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