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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

I believe that the vast majority of it can be traced to laziness. Parents who send a bag of Doritos, a fruit by the foot, and a candy bar for lunch don't actually believe that is a healthy lunch. They most often KNOW those things are not healthy...they just don't care. They don't want to argue with the kid, they don't want to bother with making the kid's lunch for him, don't want to bother checking the lunch, etc etc.

The knowlege of what foods are healthy IS out there. It IS easily accessible. And, in most schools, it's even taught to the students. I remember learning about it in second grade. I remember learning how to teach it when I was in college. And I know I have seen the stuff on sesame street. So no, I don't think a lack of education is the problem. I think a lack willingness to put that education to USE is.

I also have to say that I think that in many cases parents extreme concerns for safety and their unrealistic fears play a part. When I was a kid, we ran all around "in packs" so to speak, riding our bikes, walking the neighborhood, etc etc etc. Parents today are so afraid to let their kids out to do that anymore. it results in kids sitting inside playing video games for 9 hours a day, because the parents don't want the kids outside without them...and they don't wanna go outside to watch them (that's the laziness again)
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