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Re: Enable me...Boxers,Danes,Pitbulls,Bulldogs,etc

I have an American Bulldog. 100lbs of love. He is a wonderful dog and absolutely adores Tharen. We adopted him when we bought our house so he and Tharen have been together since he was exactly 1year old and Tharen was 18months. They are 7 (Tharen) and 6.5 (Duke) now and still absolutely best friends. I sometimes wonder how I would raise Tharen without his buddy. Tharen is not an easy child but Duke is always there with him corralling him and managing him. He is just a really sweet loving dog and also very protective. He loves all kids actually. We chose an AB because while they are working dogs they are lazy in the house. Duke just lays around and hangs out inside and often even in the back yard he will just watch what the kids are doing. He can play and run all day if you get him engaged but one good walk or a romp in the yard is enough. As other posters have said he does shed, it isn't a ton but it is there. He is generally pretty healthy though he has food allergies and it took a while to find the right food for him. During that time he got pretty expensive with emergency vet visits when he would eat the wrong thing and get super sick. Over all he is just a great dog and I would have another one in a heart beat. I adopted him from a not so great home but you would never know it now (except he doesn't like aggressive large male dogs, he loves all other dogs).

I would personally love to have a pit bull but we are not active enough outdoors for one. Duke is lazy but in my experience pitties need to either run or have something to do to be really happy. We are a very active family but not in that way. Perhaps when the boys are older we could get involved in a dog sport and consider a home for a pittie in need then. Of course we already have 4 dogs now so that probably isn't going to happen. I don't even want to think of the day when Duke leaves our lives. Luckily AB's have a pretty average 15 year life span. Tharen keeps asking if Duke can move away with him when he buys his own house.

an older pic of Duke and Tharen, sometime this summer

playing in the snow

As you can see they are pretty inseparable. If Tharen is on an adventure chances are Duke is there too. Tharen is sick today and Duke is sleeping under his bed watching him.
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