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Re: When did your DD start wearing a bra?

I read through that bra free site and I'm sorry, but bras causing cancer? Bras being too tight and causing toxins to build up and not be able to be released from the body? How about instead of no bra a bra that actually fits?

And then they recommended women, even with very large breasts, jump on a mini trampoline braless to "train" their breasts to go without the extra support? I don't know, maybe she's onto something cutting edge that we'll all be kicking ourselves over in 30 years. But these huge boobs over here? They need a bra! Or at least a nursing tank with a shelf bra built in.

Anyways, OP. I remember wearing a bra in the 4th grade. I had my period by 11. I remember being earlier than my friends for most puberty related things. I also agree with a PP who said she found it awkward when little girls' buds poke through their shirts. I think its really sad that we think that way, but unfortunately that's the society we live in.

Have you talked to your DD about it? Has she mentioned being uncomfortable?

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