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Day 18 of no poop and starting to get antsy

DD's regular is a once a week poop (she's ebf). In the past she's gone 10 days without going. She last went on Dec. 29th. We usually just wait it out, but I just don't want to wait so long and have there be a problem. She doesn't seem fussy or in pain...just no poop! Lol, we are so terrified to leave the house because that might be THE DAY for her to go and I'm certain its going to be a ton. On the 10th day, our pedi recommended I try an ounce of diluted apple juice. It did nothing. On the 14th day I tried the q-tip method, per our pedi's advice. Still nothing. Any advice? Should we just keep waiting? I mean, she HAS to go eventually, right!?!? lol
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