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Question Is there hope for the hope chest?

Maybe I am doing this wrong! How did your hope chest building go?

I was trying to put some things together for my dd's hope chest, which I have yet to even buy for her yet. I keep looking for one on Craigslist, but so far, none have jumped out at me.

Some of the things I have set aside for her are complete sets of Corelle dishes, melamine dishes, custard cups, wine goblets, old fashioned glasses, measuring bowls, cups, spoons, etc.

Here's the problem, she doesn't like any of the stuff. It is all in like new condition and there are some really nice things here, since most of these were spare and I am trying to thin out and minimize our cabinets. This is not "junky" stuff.

She's 13 and I do not think she comprehends how helpful it will be when she doesn't have to go out and spend $$$ on these types of things for her first apartment or home.

Should I set the stuff aside for her anyway or just donate it since she doesn't like it? I am at a loss and just don't know what to do. I would have been thrilled if my mom had put this together for me. My mom gave me lots of items to start out with, but it wasn't a "here's your hope chest" kind of thing, it was more gradual over time, giving me things here and there from her home after I had already moved out. I remember always be grateful and happy for the gifts.

ETA: I created a board on Pinterest to keep up with the wishlist and some of the inventory of the chest. pinterest virtual hope chest
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