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Re: Can't Have the Birth I Want

I hear you, and understand your DH not wanting to go unassisted. If all of the previously mentioned options don't work, ask your midwife to come do a postpartum visit, and talk to your DH about what that would involve. You can birth at home, technically unassisted, and have midwife there immediately following. I am willing to bet she would just come for the birth, but only be "contracted" for the postpartum visit, KWIM? It all depends on how she is willing to handle it. My midwife only attends from 37-42 weeks but we were clear about the fact that we were not going to go into the hospital if I went into labor between 35-37 weeks, for the same reasons you mentioned. My midwife was completely understanding, and agreed to be our postpartum care person. Calling an EMS team to be on standby is always an option too. Childbirth is not a medical emergency, so they aren't going to rush you right off to the hospital, but they can if a complication arises, and they have all the necessary resuscitation equipment with them, plus IV fluids and meds to handle various situations.
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